Board of Commissioner & Director

We Present our Board of Commissioner & Director

Board of Commissioner

Board of Commissioner

Vita Diani Satiadhi

Indonesian citizen, born in Purwakarta in 1966, 56 years old , earned a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Social & Political Sciences (FISIP) majoring in Business Administration, University of Indonesia in 1990 and also a Masters in Financial Management in 1998.

She currently serves as Executive Director at the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) since 2011 until now and Director of PT. Cita Negeri Amanah, IICD affiliate, since 2017 and member of the Audit Committee of PT. Bhakti Agung Propertindo, tbk.

She has been a member of the Company's Audit Committee since 2016-2020, has also worked in the banking industry, Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) from 1990-1995. She also has experience in the Capital Market (1996-2001) as an underwriter by bringing several Indonesian companies to carry out Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). She was a Senior Consultant for several leading institutions, such as: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, PT Mitsubishi-UFJ (MU) Research & Consulting Indonesia, JICA and Asian Development Bank.

Board of Commissioner

Suardi Latief

Suardi Latief, Indonesia citizen, born in Batusangkar, West Sumatra, in 1951, serves as Commissioner of the Company since 2017.

He worked at Police Deparment Republic of Indonesia for 30 years, with the position as Paur Coklit of Finance division Police Department in 1998, Kaur Sil Pekas 01 of Finance division Head quarter Police Deparment in 1984, as Kasi Lapku Garbia of Finance division Police Department in 1985, as Pekas 05 KU Head quarter II of Finance division Police Deparment in 1987, as Kasi Bia Subdis Garbia of Finance division Police Deparment in 1992, as Pekas 01 KU Head quarter I of Finance division Police Deparment in 1996, as Kabag Bisnis of Finance division Police Deparment in 1998, as Head Finance, South Sumatra Police Deparment in 1999, as Kasubdis Garbia of Finance division Police Department since 2000 - 2009 and since 2010 - 2018 he worked for PT ASABRI (Persero) as Kadiv Asyar.

Board of Commissioner

Prof. Dr. Cynthia Afriani, SE, ME

Indonesian citizen, born in Bogor in 1973, 49 years old, earned her Master of Science (1999) and Ph.D (2006) from the Graduate School of Management, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (FEUI); and Bachelor of Management (1996) from the Extension Program of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (FEUI). She was the Head of Management Research Center at the Graduate School of Management FEUI from 2008 to 2009.

Currently, she is a researcher at FEUI and a member of the Academic Senate of the University of Indonesia. She is also a lecturer in the S1 and S2 programs at FEUI. Her areas of expertise include investing in capital markets, corporate finance, and corporate governance. She has written a number of articles and research papers and has presented in international and national conferences/seminars.

Board of Director

Board of Director

Putu Agung Prianta

Putu Agung Prianta, an Indonesian citizen, born in Denpasar, Bali in 1974, has served as President Director of the Company since 2020 based on Deed number 59 dated August 21st, 2020 drawn up before a notary Dr. Yurisa Martanti, SH.,MH., in Jakarta. Prior to being appointed as President Director, he served as the Company's President Commissioner (2017-2020).

He completed his education by obtaining a Doctorate in Tourism Education from Udayana University Bali, then a Master of Arts in International Finance from the University of North London, (London Metropolitan) UK, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) in Civil Engineering from University College of London, UK.

Currently, he holds concurrent positions in other companies as: President Director at PT Jimbaran Hijau since 2010, As President Commissioner of PT Trust Securities since 2001.

Board of Director

Octavianus Kuntjoro

Octavianus Kuntjoro, Indonesian citizen, born in Surabaya in 1976 , is 46 years old. Appointed as director of the company through Certificate No. 17, R UPSLB dated February 28th, 2020 , made by Dr. Yurisa Martanti , SH., MH, notary in Jakarta.

He holds a bachelor's degree from the faculty of engineering, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, majoring in industrial and computer engineering. In addition to his position as director of the company, he also serves as commissioner of PT. Patra Supplies and services.

Board of Director

Adik Prasodjo

Indonesian citizen, born in Mojokerto in 1963, 59 years old, Currently, he is still actively carrying out his function as a Committee Member at PT. Bhakti Agung Propretindo, Tbk.

Previously, he retired normally from bank BTPN, TBK as of May 01st, 2018, his last rank was VP (Vice President), with his last assignment at the Corporate Secretariat.

After retiring from Bank BTPN, he participated in the Certification in Audit Committee Practices program and successfully passed the first exam opportunity.

The main responsibility within the scope of the Corporate Secretary, more specifically placed in the Office of the Board of Commissioners, is to assist the implementation of the work of the Board of Commissioners, to regulate and monitor the activities of the Committees that assist the Board of Commissioners ( Audit Committee; Risk Oversight Committee; and Remuneration & Nomination Committee), as well as general clerical activities.

He has work experience at the National Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) for almost 4 years with the scope of work as Supervisor (Group Head) handling customer complaints or third parties, also responsible for any complaints that enter the desk of the Chairperson of IBRA .

Banking experience, 13 years working at Bank Papan Sejahtera starting from implementing staff to Operations Manager with a scope of experience covering Banking Operations, Bank / Receivable Reconciliation, Collection, Credit Admin, and Customer Service.

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